Buy It or DIY It: Mason Jar Chandeliers

Buy It or DIY It: Mason Jar Chandeliers

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Step 1: Flatten a cupcake liner in half. Then fold it in half again to find where the point should be.

Step 2: Gently twist the liner into a hat shape and secure it with a small piece of double-stick tape. Press firmly to seal.

Step 3:  Add a dollop of glue to the tip of the hat and gently place a pom-pom on top. Let dry.

Step 4: Place the mini hats on your frosted cupcakes. Enjoy!

These are adaptable to any kind of party, depending on the colors or liners you have –a friend of mine did these in silver foil with a little gold star on top for her son’s wizard-themed party. And of course, they are the perfect size for toy animals and funny characters once the cupcakes have been eaten.

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Step 1: Cut around the size of your desired box as if you were wrapping a present leaving plenty of space around.
Step 2: Fold down about 2″ on the horizontal side. This will act as the top of the bag.

Step 3: With the folded part placed at the top of the box, continue to wrap the box like a normal gift. Go back and give a good crease to each bend in the wallpaper. This will help give shape to the bag. With the double-sided tape, tape the edge down.
Step 4: Fold the bottom of one side in, but leave the other side open.
Step 5: Take the box out of the now formed wallpaper bag and squeeze the front and back together so there’s a crease on each of the sides. Again, this will give shape to the bag and make it more sturdy.

Step 6: If you want to really secure the bag’s shape, cut a piece of cardboard to the size of the bottom of the bag (not shown).
Step 7: Decide what type of ribbon formation you’d like. There’s the traditional handles with one on each side, or a central ribbon, which I show here. I punched two holes about 3/4″ apart at the top of the bag on the front and back.
Step 8: Slide the ribbon through starting on the front, going through the back and then returning to the front again. Then tie your ribbon. Voila!

Tips: For large packages, I’d recommend cereal boxes or laundry detergent boxes. For smaller shapes, I used tea boxes. For medium boxes you can use books. Try a variety of sizes to experiment with the fun shapes you can create. Enjoy!

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